A note on Cactus propagation

Propagating succulents or cactus propagation is easy and fun. From a plantlet, division, leaf cutting, or beheading, you can increase your collection of these beauties.

A note on Cactus propagation

By now you may be curious about types of cactus we haven’t mentioned.

We know this: barrel types form pups that may be harvested and planted individually. And, Christmas cacti have individual leaves that may be cut, callused, and rooted. But what about others, like column varieties?

We propagate by cutting.

Since the entire cactus is one giant leaf, the question is, where do we cut?

Simply cut into the top or side of a columnar cactus and remove a piece about an inch in diameter. Place it on a dry surface that won’t be disturbed and forget it for a few months.

During this time, provided it remains dry, the cutting will callus off and form roots. Then it’s ready to plant


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