Who We are ?

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog vuonvanha.com. I am Tran Hau, a person who loves trees and plants, member of a group of young people passionate about planting and gardening . Currently, We are an employee working in an information technology company environment. In addition to my daily work, we also have a passion for planting and taking care of plants at home.

As you know, with today’s rapid warming of the earth and many consequences that are affecting people’s lives, joining hands in preserving and making the living environment friendly will contribute to the Slowing down global warming is the responsibility not only of countries, but from small jobs in the place where you live. Let’s improve your living environment with trees.

From those thoughts, we had the idea to develop a blog where information, tips and basic instructions for plant care and gardening are collected, from which we want to help you through that. Have a garden with lots of trees, or improve the environment where you live by planting and taking care of ornamental plants from mini to large trees, or build a landscape for your house.

At the Vuonvanha.com blog, We write about blog posts with practical tips, information and inspiration from real life, basic knowledge to help you create the best garden of your own. From decorating and gardening tips, to gardening tips, at Blog Vuonvanha.com can show you how.

With my knowledge may not be complete, in addition to my personal knowledge, we would also like to collect from a number of online sources, thereby hopefully helping each person to find knowledge for themselves. own to deal with common problems with indoor plants to preserve and develop the green environment where you live.

Meet the Team

Yes, we’re experts in digital advertising, publishing, marketing, and more, but before everything else, we’re gardeners. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping you with your garden. Collectively, we’ve gardened in every region in the Vietnam and many parts of the world too. We have expertise in a wide range of topics, from creating native gardens and wildlife habitats to small-space urban gardening, houseplants, and more. Coming soon, our team bio pages where you can get a peek at each of our gardens and learn more about the expertise we can share with you.

In the process of providing information on blog posts, it is difficult to avoid mistakes, or outdated knowledge, looking forward to receiving contributions from readers. Any information reflecting the article or removing copyright, please send to the official email:

Email: [email protected]
SĐT: 84904888023
Telegram: @hautx

Regards!/ Xin trân trọng cảm ơn

“Please try to take care and plant a few plants in your home, you will find great inspiration!”