Criteria for choosing appropriate office plants

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Criteria to help choose the right office bonsai

The hustle and bustle of society, the chaos and stress of work make your spirit always tired. Every day when facing the office, you always have an invisible pressure that exists. That’s why you need something to help you relax. Surely bonsai in the office will be the most correct choice to help you relax mentally, increase your fortune and give you great creative inspiration.
So how to choose the right office plants? Below in this article Pretty Trees will share the most appropriate  criteria for choosing bonsai in the office…

1. Choose bonsai in the office according to the purpose of use

The office is not only a place to work, but also a second home for everyone. Not all the time, but at least every day you are in the office for 8 hours. So have you ever thought about beautifying the room with bonsai? Plants in the office can help you create more beautiful landscapes for your home. Not only that, this can create more environmental friendliness, increase creativity in work, and direct people to positive things. In the case of choosing bonsai for the purpose of beautifying and creating a landscape, you can choose trees that are shaped like a flexible, beautiful tree, the size is not too large, just right.

Ornamental plants in the office can also help you dispel fatigue by the elegant beauty of green leaves, help you relieve pressure at work, help your eyes relax and be comfortable when exposed. transparent to computer radiation. Bonsai also helps you filter polluted air in the office, protecting your health. In addition, you can  select ornamental plants in the office to increase your fortune and attract luck at work. Some famous ornamental plants in changing destiny such as honeysuckle, fortune tree, money tree, etc. In short, determining the purpose of use will help you choose beautiful bonsai for the office. his job.

2. Choosing the right bonsai for the office space

Everyone works in a different office space. Some people like the office with a large space, others like the office with a small space. With different spaces, it is similar to having to use custom large and small ornamental plants to bring the most appropriate and harmonious space.

Bonsai with large office space

Large office spaces often have the common characteristic that they are quite large, may have an advantage in length or width, are airy, have many windows and light. The right type of office bonsai are usually large trees that dominate in height, branches and leaves should not be too luxuriant, do not take up too much space, the height of bonsai should be chosen to balance the room. .

Bonsai with small and medium office space

For small and medium office spaces, the room usually won’t have much space to place other items. Because of that, you should choose mini bonsai placed on the table or small ornamental plants, neatly trimmed branches and leaves will look more beautiful.

3. Feng shui factors when choosing office plants

Not only to decorate beautifully, when placing bonsai in the office, you should also consider a few feng shui factors to increase fortune, opportunities at work and health. Some believe that bonsai, when placed in the right position, can block evil things from disrupting your work, creating more vitality for the person who owns them.

Usually, many people who choose bonsai in the office will often choose plants that carry the meaning of fortune, trees that are suitable for their age and destiny. Some ornamental plants in the office are common and popular, such as: maple tree, five houseplants, etc. You can refer to the useful information about these plants in the link below.

With the benefits of decorating bonsai in the office, you can choose the right bonsai for the office.. According to your preferences, room space as well as your destiny, bonsai can help you have more luck and opportunities and help protect your health, effectively reduce stress, and help raise your spirits. work better. What are you waiting for, find yourself a suitable ornamental plant to enjoy the above benefits.
Hopefully with a few of the above criteria will help you to  choose the right office plant for you. If you need more advice and support with information about bonsai in the office, please contact us via the phone numbers listed on the website (working from 8am to 9pm daily).

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