Hong Phan stone lotus – The beauty of eternal love

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Hong Phan stone lotus symbolizes love and friendship that is stable over time. So trees are not only used to decorate desks, cafes or study corners, but also used as gifts.

Let’s learn about this succulent plant with  Blog Plants through the following sharing.

Features of the tree

Hong Phan stone lotus has the scientific name:  Echeveria Morning Beauty, belongs to the genus Echeveria. They are native to Mexico to northwestern South America. Currently, the tree has been widely propagated in many countries and regions around the world, especially Asia.

Image: Hong Phan stone lotus attracts with succulent leaves

A special feature is that the color of the leaves is changed from gray-green in the middle to pink at the outer edge. In addition, the outer wax coating makes them gentle and soft.

The size of this succulent species is small, with an average diameter of about 10cm. Trees are likened to roses because the leaves are cleverly arranged in layers like petals. So plants can create a focal point for your indoor plant collection.

Flowers of Hong Phan Stone Lotus usually appear in spring and have a striking orange color. They grow on vertical branches and curve back at the ends.

Meaning of tree

Hong Phan stone lotus is said to be a symbol of sincere, faithful and eternal love. Therefore, when used as a gift for loved ones, tree friends express long-term and sustainable affection.

ý nghĩa sen đá hồng phấn
Image: The tree symbolizes sincere and eternal love

In addition, this species of succulent also has a very durable vitality in harsh conditions. Therefore, they carry the meaning of the beauty of the human soul, despite difficulties, they still dare to face and overcome.

In terms of feng shui, it is believed that: Hong Phan stone lotus planted in the house will ward off bad omens and unlucky things. Trees help homeowners add luck, fortune and happiness in life.

How to take care of plants

Stone lotus is known as a plant that can withstand harsh environments without spending too much time taking care of it. But for the best growth of Hong Phan stone lotus, you need to note the following points.

Light and temperature

Hong Phan stone lotus loves the sun. But avoid exposing the plant to direct sunlight when the temperature is high, especially midday. This will cause your plants to wilt and drop leaves.

If growing indoors, priority should be given to placing the plant in an open location, near a window to receive the fullest amount of light.

chăm sóc sen đá hồng phấn
Image: Plants grow well in the temperature of 25-28°C

However, don’t forget that natural light will help the plant maintain the color of its irrigated leaves.

The plant does not like cold and does not tolerate frost. Therefore, plants grow best in spring and summer. Hong Phan stone lotus is suitable for growing in warm temperatures from about 25-28°C.

Watering and fertilizing

When the tree is mature, the roots are stable, the drought tolerance is very good. You just need to water enough. A small tip for you is to water the plant when the soil shows signs of being completely dry. You can water 2-3 times/week.

If wrinkled leaves are detected, it is a sign that the plant needs more water.

When watering, do not let the water stagnate too much or too long in the middle of the plant. Because they can form fungi or an environment for pests to grow and cause harm.

Soil and fertilizer

Over time, the soil will become barren. Therefore, if you want a good green Stone Lotus Hong Chanh, you need to pay attention to the soil. The soil needs to be loose and easy to drain. To increase the porosity of the soil, you can mix more coconut fiber, rice husk, coal slag.

cách trồng và chăm sóc sen đá hồng phấn
Image: Use slow-release or diluted fertilizer to water plants

You do not need to fertilize the plant regularly. But if the soil has enough nutrients, it will stimulate the growth and flowering of plants faster.

It is suggested that you use slow-release fertilizers or diluted fertilizers (need to be diluted 2 to 4 times more than usual) to water the plants.

Note that it should not be used too much because it will have the opposite effect, causing the tree to “lose” and not grow well.


Hong Phan stone lotus is very easy to propagate. One of the most commonly used propagation methods is by cuttings or leaves. The way to propagate succulents is similar to normal, but you need to pay attention to the following things when done:

– Conduct propagation in spring with favorable climate for plant growth.

– Only select leaves or branches that are healthy and show no signs of pests.

– After separating branches or leaves from the stem, the plant should be left in cool conditions for about 2 hours before cutting.

cách trồng sen đá hồng phấn
Image: The main method of propagation is by cuttings or leaves

Is Hong Phan stone lotus poisonous?

This species of succulent is not harmful to people or pets. However, it is not recommended to eat them.

Today, Hong Phan stone lotus gradually becomes a spiritual gift of each person. If you own a space with a balcony with lots of sun and wind, don’t hesitate to plant a pot of Hong Phan stone lotus. This would be a great choice.

If you need our help on how to take care of these beautiful little succulents, please comment for advice right away!

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