How to care for showy milkweed ?

Showy milkweed is easy to grow. It tolerates drought and poor soils. It may perform better in such ground than it does in soils that are wet and very fertile.

Since the plant will self-seed, some gardeners may find it a bit too easy to grow. There are better-behaved plants to grow in a mixed flower bed than showy milkweed; however, it does not spread as much as the common milkweed. To prevent the plant from spreading, simply cut off the seed pods before they open.

Once the plant becomes established, avoid trying to transplant it, since showy milkweed has a deep taproot. At planting time, select a spot for it in the landscape where you know you will want it to grow for several years.


Showy milkweed blooms best if given full sun.


The main soil requirement for showy milkweed is good drainage.


Do not overwater the plant once it is established. Showy milkweed prefers soil that is somewhat on the dry side.


There is no need to fertilize showy milkweed. Too much fertilizer may result in underperformance.


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