Instructions for propagating Stone Lotus Co Ngoc properly

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Co Ngoc stone lotus has a small size, elegant and luxurious color. This succulent plant also brings good luck – bringing jade as their name suggests. Let’s learn about the meaning and how to plant and care for this special succulent plant together with the Green Tree Blog! Stone lotus Co Ngoc (scientific name: Bergeranthus vespertinus) is a species of stone lotus originating from distant South Africa. Common names for this plant are Mesembryanthemum Vespertinum, Bergeranthus Jamesil, Bergeranthus Longisepalus. The plant belongs to the genus Bergeranthus, family Aizoaceae.

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Image: Co Ngoc stone lotus attracts with the special feature of the leaf The special feature of this succulent species is that it has no body. The plant tends to grow in a flat surface about 30cm in diameter. The leaves are succulent, cylindrical in shape. They can grow to about 6 cm long. The gentle jade green color of the tree creates a pleasant feeling of comfort. Co Ngoc stone lotus has very attractive bright yellow flowers. The flower can reach about 5cm in diameter. The long flower stalk is branched from the central part of the plant. Each flower can be maintained for 4-6 days before fading. Flowers usually bloom in the spring. These flowers are also the highlight that creates the vibrancy and attraction of this succulent plant.

Uses and meanings

Co Ngoc stone lotus is used to place on the desk, decorate the living room, coffee shop. The color as well as the small size of the tree help bring elegance and aesthetics to your living or working space.

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Image: Instantly add Co Ngoc Stone Lotus to your succulent collection

In addition, Co Ngoc Stone Lotus also brings many lucky meanings to tree owners. The yellow flowers represent fortune, favorable conditions in business and career. So every time the tree blooms, it is a sign of good things to come.

How to take care

Co Ngoc stone lotus can grow normally in harsh environments. So how to take care of the plant is very simple, does not need too much time.

However, if you want the plant to grow well as well as to be able to flower regularly, do not ignore the following notes.

Water the plants

You can water the Stone Lotus Co Ngoc all year round. But the amount of water for irrigation should not be too much to avoid overwatering.

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Image: Proper watering will help plants keep their eye-catching green color
For good plant growth, you can maintain regular watering in spring and summer. In winter, water only when the soil shows signs of being completely dry. Because the best growth period for plants is from early spring to late summer. If sufficient water conditions are provided for the plant to grow favorably and flower more. During flowering, you need to water close to the base of the plant to make the flowers last longer.

The light

You can plant Co Ngoc Stone Lotus outdoors or indoors, such as: desk, bedroom, living room, balcony, …

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Image: Do not place the tree in the hot sun for too long

Note that it is necessary to keep the Co Ngoc Stone Lotus in a cool space with good light and ventilation, and especially in the summer, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight exposure, which can be left in the shade.

Planting land

Stone lotus will grow well in loose, well-drained soil. The best suggestion for you is to use a soil mixture consisting of: coal slag, perlite, rice husk ash in the ratio 2: 1: 2.

Add grinding stone to the potting mix so that the plants can increase the drainage of the plants.

Fertilizer for plants

You do not need to use too much fertilizer for plants. Fertilizer can be periodically applied weekly or monthly. Or you can fertilize when the plant shows signs of underdevelopment, the green color of the leaves is pale. Note that only special fertilizers should be used for succulents to grow well. Specifically, you can use organic pellets of bat droppings. This is a slow release fertilizer. Produced completely from natural ingredients: 39% organic ingredients, effective N-P-K in the ratio of 2-2.9%-3.3% along with essential trace elements. They promote strong plant growth and more flowering.

Plant propagation

This succulent propagation is also very easy. Here are the two most commonly used:

Using seeds You can use seeds sown in pots with a diameter of about 14 cm. Our advice is to sow the seeds in the spring. You can collect seeds directly from mature plants. When the flower fades, there will be fruit and you will separate the seed. Note that cleaning seeds and drying them properly can be stored and used for a long time.

Or you can also buy directly at the store.

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Image: The ways to propagate Stone Lotus Co Ngoc that you can refer to However, this method of propagation requires more time and effort and technical care.

This is also a measure for you to grow a new Stone Lotus.
During the cutting process, for good growth, you need to pay attention to providing enough moisture to quickly develop young roots. In addition to choosing leaves from healthy trees, it will also help young plants stay healthy and limit pests. Co Ngoc stone lotus is a compact and elegant stone lotus but still brings positive energy and vitality in your workspace.
Contact us for more advice on how to take care of this succulent plant!

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