Instructions to replace plant pots for cactus properly

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Cactus is a succulent tree that does not require too much care. They don’t need to change potential pots, but sometimes need to supplement the soil and need a larger sized pot.

So when do you need to replace the cactus? The following article will help you get answers to this question.

Tools to replace pots for cactus

Cactus is known as plants with intense vitality, they can still grow and develop in dry conditions, surpassing the harshness of the weather. Trees holding water in leaves and stems together they use their spikes to protect themselves from burning sunbeams.

replace plant pots for cactus
Image: tool to replace cactus pots

The repository of the cactus needs a suitable soil mixture, good drainage pots along with some measures to protect the tree. Cactus is a plant with thorns so to avoid injuries in the process of changing pots, you need a pair of thick gloves.

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Khi nào nên thay chậu cho Xương Rồng?

Cactus should be repacked as soon as the roots begin to reveal drainage holes at the bottom of the pots. According to the general principle, the trees with fast growing capabilities should be changed after 2-3 years and slow growth species can be up to 3-4 years.

It is best to change the pot in the spring because this is the most active growing cacti. This will help plants stable as well as adapt to the new environment more quickly. Furthermore, water the cactus two days before changing the basin to root moisture but not saturated.

Xương Rồng nên được thay chậu ngay khi rễ bắt đầu lộ ra các lỗ thoát nước ở đáy chậu
Image: Cactus should be repacked as soon as the roots begin to reveal drainage holes at the bottom of the potsNote, the next plant pots must be larger than the old pot and fit the tree as well as the growth of the tree in the near future.

Replace pots for cactus properly

  • Because most cactuses have sharp spikes, they should wear gloves and take other protection measures to be very important.
  • After preparing the protective measures carefully, gently grab the cactus from the old pot and remove all the layers of coating above.
  • Next, check if the roots are carefully pest or not, cut off the roots of dehydration or roots that are dead and supplement the fungicide if they feel necessary.
  • Choose a new plant potted size larger than the original pot, placing a layer of gravel that has been washed or fragments into the bottom to help a better drain pot.
  • Add a good soil mixture, slightly sour with pH from 4 – 5,5
  • Place the tree gently into the new pot with the original depth and ensure the tree has stable in the coverage of the soil.
  • Finally, add a thin layer of hotels or stones around the surface of the tree to help drain quickly, the tree will grow as well as the best development.

Take care of cactus after changing pots

Đây là nhiệm vụ quan trọng để đảm bảo cây sinh trưởng tốt
Photos: This is an important task to ensure good growth treesTaking care of trees after repository is an important task to ensure trees can grow, develop in the best way. If it is not monitored and care, the tree will encounter unintended issues that don’t even adapt well to the new environment leading to wither and die. Here’s how to take care of the cactus properly after changing the basin.


Make sure the tree is watered regularly during the growth season in spring and summer. Moisten the soil thoroughly, let the soil almost completely dry before watering again.

Watering in the early morning or evening, because the tree can be burned if they are covered with water droplets in hot sunny days. You can also water plants in the pot by placing a pot into a bucket of water so that the water flows up to 3/4 pots. After 1 – 2 minutes to lift the pot out of the water after the water was inserted from the bottom of the hole into the ground.

Photos: need to water bright and dark for cactiIn October, when the day was short, when the light was gradually weak, stop watering all cactuses and let them not work during the winter months. They should only be irrigated if the temperature increases above 10 ° C.

Ensure essentials for plants

Good warmth, full lighting and stable drainage are essential to healthy development plants. Most succulents are suitable for sun or western corners, where they get high levels of light and protect them from frost. Trees should be kept at a temperature of about 27 ° C during the day and about 13ºC in the evening.

Thus, replacing the cactus is also an important step in taking care of plants. If you don’t change the basin at the right time, the tree may die in excessive relaxation. Hope with the information that the pretty tree has just shared, you will be able to take care of your beloved trees in the best way.

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