Top 5 hottest mini desktop plants in 2022

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Desktop mini bonsai is the trend of most office workers in the current period. Not only considered a decoration, mini desktop plants in feng shui also have many different meanings to help the owner have a lot of luck, fortune, and fame.
Today, desktop mini bonsai is no longer as difficult to find as it was a few years ago. However, to choose a valuable and meaningful tree is not easy. Understanding that need of many customers, in the article below, Cay Xinh would like to introduce “Top 5 most popular desktop mini bonsai in 2021”. We invite you to consult.

Top 5 cây cảnh mini để bàn HOT nhất năm 2018

1. Mini bonsai with money

The money tree seems to have never been too strange to the players plants. This is a shrub commonly recognized with characteristics of dark green leaves, compound leaves, short petioles. A money tree usually has a lifespan of about 2-3 years, can grow even in low light, shaded places. Because of that, this plant is often used in office circles.

Image: Eye-catching square potted money tree on the table

The table money tree is a relatively easy plant to care for, can be suitable for growing in many different soils, is classified as resistant to quite high temperatures, about 25-27 degrees Celsius when placed in room. This plant does not need frequent watering. However, you can water once a week to maintain the greenness of the plant.
Not only is it a mini bonsai, but usually, in feng shui, the money tree is also considered a plant that brings luck and fortune to the owner. People born in the year of the Rat and those who carry the fate of water are very suitable for this plant, perhaps this is also one of the reasons why the money tree has become one of the top 5 most popular mini desktop plants in 2018. The money tree suitable for placing the money tree at the table near the door or glass door, with a high pedestal where it is exposed to a lot of sunlight. This is a convenient location that can help attract a lot of luck and fortune for the user.

2. Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is the next mini desktop plant that everyone loves. Attracting users thanks to its small appearance with a body about 6cm high and the toughness of the tree. Honeysuckle leaves are often spread wide, green all year round. At a young age, people often plant 3-5 honeysuckle braided together to create a difference and fancy.

Image: Beautiful desktop honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a plant that needs a lot of nutrients. With honeysuckle desktop plants, you should put them in pots, regularly water them, and periodically fertilize them to keep them green. Honeysuckle can live at temperatures from 4-40 degrees Celsius, grows at temperatures between 18-26 degrees Celsius, suitable for growing indoors or in cold rooms.
Honeysuckle should be placed in a place with lots of light. In addition to the effect of helping the tree to stay green, this also contributes a significant part to increasing the fortune of the owner. You can put bonsai on the table near the window of the office to attract fortune and luck to you.
Similar to the money tree, the honeysuckle is also one of the most suitable mini desktop plants. Honeysuckle has the ability to attract fortune and bring luck and money to the owners of the year of the Dog.

3. Lucky tree

Phat Loc tree is often called with another name such as Phat Phat tree, rich bamboo tree. This is a plant originating from abroad, introduced into our country for a long time. Phat Loc tree is a plant with strong vitality, often has a trunk with many sprouts, highlighting the noble beauty of the tree.

cây trúc phú quý
Image: Lucky tree – rich bamboo tree

This bonsai is not difficult to care for. However, you should understand the habits of the tree. With fortune crops, the main source of nutrients is the soil, which needs to be fully fertilized in a moderate dose, in accordance with each cycle. The amount of water to irrigate the plants is neither too much nor too little. Before watering, you should carefully consider whether the stump is dry before you can water it. The plant should be placed in a place with plenty of light. Usually, some people, when growing plants indoors for a while, will find that the leaves are lifeless. Because of that, to overcome this situation, you need to put this plant towards sunlight, near glass doors, windows and create a dry space for the plant to grow.

4. Honeysuckle tree

Many people when buying mini bonsai for the table often choose the jade tree for the table, not only because of its external beauty, but also because of a sentimental name – Valentine’s tree. Ngoc Ngan is like a representation of eternal love, meaning it brings a lot of luck and fortune to the user.

Photo: Very beautiful square potted jade plant on the table

This mini bonsai tree stands out in the eyes of users with the strange contrast between 2 leaf colors on the same stem, a dark green part and a white part, evenly distributed around the leaf veins. This is a herbaceous plant, very durable and grows quite quickly. With the beauty and charm available, jade tree is suitable for open interior spaces with lots of light and airy. Coffee shops or offices are also suitable spaces for this plant. The jade tree is one of many other plants belonging to the five elements of the earth system with the meaning of bringing a lot of fortune and luck.

5. Wealth tree

Precious plants, mini desktop ornamental plants of the aphid family, originating from abroad. Stems often form large round leaf sheaths. The leaves are quite soft, have a beautiful red-pink border and are easy to recognize. The desktop rich tree can live in low light environments. However, you can put the plant on the desk, so near a window or glass door will help the plant grow stronger, the color of the leaves will also be more beautiful.

Photo: Delightful bonsai for the table

The desktop rich tree is a commonly used plant in the office world because of its diverse and eye-catching color system. In addition, the desktop mini tree also has the effect of purifying the air to bring freshness to improve living space greener. For those who belong to the fire par, they should use the mini rich tree to set the table to receive luck and goodness in life. In addition to planting rich trees, you can also arrange a few more mini-trees to follow the five elements of the same life. Above are  beautiful desktop mini bonsai samples for your reference. Each type of tree has its own meaning, attracting a lot of luck in terms of fortune and opportunities, making people’s lives better and better. If you don’t have 1 of the 5 plants on your desk above, it’s really a pity. Plant a pot of plants in the TOP 5 most popular mini desktop plants today to increase feng shui, bring fortune and luck to yourself.

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