Top 8 ornamental plants to give beautiful and meaningful teachers to express gratitude

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Besides material gifts, spiritual gifts are what many teachers always want to have on special occasions. Through this article,  Beautiful Trees will introduce to you some beautiful  plants for teachers and contain deep meanings, stay tuned!

Stone Lotus Tree

Lotus Stone has the symbolic meaning of complete, full, intense love, which is extremely suitable for special people. Give teachers a pot of Lotus Stone as a sincere thank you for the person who has led us on the path of knowledge acquisition.

sen đá giá rẻ
Image: Stone Lotus gifts for teachers

Jade Tree

Ngoc Bich is a plant with small leaves like coins, bringing good meaning in feng shui, helping to attract fortune. This plant is a symbol of long-term, intimate relationships, bonding and sharing. If you are looking to choose a kind of plant for teachers , you cannot ignore Jade tree.

Cây Ngọc Bích tặng thầy cô
Image: Jade tree with round leavesThis is like a message to teachers who will always be your companion and guide you on the future path ahead. A pot of green plants will help teachers relieve stress at work effectively.


For bonsai lovers, perhaps no one does not know Ivy. Plants have the ability to effectively purify the air. According to NASA studies, ivy is a plant that can filter harmful gases such as formic aldehyde, benzene, phenol, etc.

Cây Thường Xuân Để Bàn tặng thầy cô
Image: Ivy
This is also one of the trees often used as gifts for teachers because of its eternal and eternal meaning. Teachers will be very happy when they receive a pot of ivy with wishes of good health and peace in life.

Rosemary Plant

Rosemary is known as a fresh herb and is also a popular ornamental plant on the table today. A pot of Rosemary placed in the house will help the living space become more fragrant and beautiful.

cây dạ hương thảo mini

Therefore, a pot of pleasant aromatic Rosemary placed at the teacher’s desk will help relieve the mood after stressful classes. This will definitely be a unique gift for your teacher.

Peacock Tail Tree

This is an ornamental plant with a pretty green or purple stripe. In feng shui, the plant has the ability to drive away bad luck and bring prosperity and fortune to the owner. In addition, this plant has the ability to filter the air extremely effectively.

Cây đuôi công tím tặng thầy cô
Image: Purple Peacock Tail tree
Peacocktail plants placed in the classroom will help reduce stress and create a fresh environment for teachers and students. In particular, giving peacock tail to teachers is like a wish for luck and peace.

The Tree of Youth

Van Nien Thanh tree has impressive and elegant beauty, often placed in many different positions such as in the office, office or living room, etc. Helps create accents for the space to become more interesting and attractive. .

cây vạn niên thanh
Image: The feng shui Van Nien tree
Van Nien Thanh is a kind of “plants for teachers” chosen by many people because they represent good luck. Giving Van Nien Thanh will express his sincere heart, wishing the teachers good health, full of enthusiasm for future generations of students.

Tiger Tongue Tree

Thanks to the beauty of temperament and authority,  Tiger Tongue  is a plant often grown in offices or living spaces. This plant has very special feng shui values. Helping homeowners always have a lot of luck, fortune, peace of mind, career advancement.

tuổi ất mão hợp trồng cây gì
Image: Tiger Tongue Tree
You can choose the Tongue tree as a gift for teachers on special occasions. The tree shape that always grows upright symbolizes the spirit of enthusiasm and wholeheartedness. Showing valuable characteristics in teachers who are always dedicated to leading generations of students.

Tree of Peace

Binh An tree is an easy-to-grow, easy-to-care and highly aesthetic plant. Like its name, Binh An tree carries the meaning of joy, wishing for everything to go well. Expressing relaxation, calm, different from the hustle and bustle life out there. Therefore, Binh An is often chosen by many people as a bonsai for teachers as a good wish. In feng shui, this plant also represents fortune and protects the owner from bad luck.

Planting a pot of Binh An in the house will always give homeowners a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

cây bình an
Image: Peace Tree
Choosing plants for teachers  is always a unique and meaningful gift. Because it not only shows your heart, but also helps the teacher’s living and working space always be fresh and relaxed.
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