What plants to plant in the house for the lucky new year ?

Nearing the new year, many people look to buy trees with the name “squeak” and feng shui meaning such as rich trees, happiness, thousands of fortune, honeysuckle … about distillation or growing indoors.

However, according to interior planters, the luck that trees bring to homeowners is positive energy, a feeling of relaxation when returning to a house full of green and vitality, so the most important thing is to choose the right plant for home conditions so that they can live healthy. If the plant wilts, the house space is bad, the homeowner is also uncomfortable and the ability to suck fortune if any also disappears.

In order for the plant to bring good luck, homeowners need to create suitable conditions for the plant to grow. Photo: Tuan’s forest

Mr. Nguyen Manh Tuan, owner of a orchard in Vinh (Nghe An) suggests that homeowners divide the house into different areas to choose the right tree for each type of light. For example, in places with a lot of direct sunlight such as balconies and terraces, you can plant sun-loving plants such as roses, laurel flowers, jasmine, lemon trees, rosemary. They are both beautiful and exude a pleasant natural scent.

In places with less natural light such as rooms with large glass doors or skylight umbrellas, the right choice is betel nut plants (philodendron, monsteria) or ferns, yew bamboo shoots, mink-tailed bamboo shoots, rattan bamboo, Hawaiian caucus.

“These plants love soft natural light and cool temperatures,” Tuan said.

The betel nut trees are easy to live and beautiful, and can even pose Bonsai like the Xanadu betel tree (phoenix-winged betel nut). Photo: Tuan’s forest

Where the house is completely devoid of natural light, very few plants are livable. Money needles and tiger tongue trees can endure for a long time but almost do not grow and will weaken over time.

“In short, the plant will live well in a well-lit, breathable environment. If you grow indoor plants, you should choose a place with as much light as possible,” Tuan advises.

In addition to considering the location and the amount of light that the tree receives, Ms. Vo Hai Yen, a plant consultant for housing in Ho Chi Minh City, said that homeowners also need to determine the time they can spend to take care of the tree.

If you have little time to take care of the plants, plant plants that are easy to care for, with few pests and diseases such as betel nut trees and ferns. Syngonium, dracaena, spider plant, honeysuckle plant, umbrella plant, snake plant, peace lilly plant, zz plant are also not very demanding.

For people who are too busy or often have to go on business trips with very little time to take care of irrigation, the safe choice is good drought-tolerant plants or ornamental plants planted by aquatic methods.

Another factor that also affects the growth of plants is the substrate of planting plants. Homeowners can find out for themselves or ask reputable gardeners and tree shops to advise on planting substrates so that the plants avoid pests and diseases and grow well.

“The tree must be healthy to bring green color and vitality to the home space,” Yen said.

Such ferns as the hair of the female guardians grow well in conditions of moist soil, with little heat. Photo: Tuan’s forest

In addition to the trees that Mr. Tuan and Ms. Yen named, Linh Nguyen, a representative of a garden on Dang Van Ngu Street (Hanoi) suggested that homeowners grow cau xiao brooch, ngoc ngan, ngan hau, and white horse because they withstand the environment with little natural light and artificial light. Linh also thinks that the luck that trees bring is also the joy of seeing them grow over time, so homeowners should give love to the trees they bring home.

“If you have faith that the tree brings good luck, it’s luck,” Linh said.

Minh Trang


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