What Tree to Plant for Good Luck?

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What tree to plant in accordance with Destiny to bring luck and fortune to the family?

On the occasion of the new year, in addition to cleaning the house and office for good luck, you can also plant a few more ornamental plants in accordance with your destiny to create a green space and have the effect of “attracting” wealth. good luck, good luck to yourself…

After the summary of the 12-year-old tree of the zodiac, today BlogCay continues to share with you about the types of “desktop plants” that are suitable according to the five elements of feng shui. This will help you get more accurate information and choose the right ornamental plants for your needs. Please note that in this article, BlogCay only advises on desktop feng shui plants (small plants, suitable for indoor, desks, study tables …) but does not refer to large trees, outdoor plants.

To learn about feng shui ornamental plants with the five elements, you should briefly understand how to divide and gather colors according to the five elements in feng shui. From then on you can understand why you should choose which bonsai is most suitable for your destiny.

Which order? Which tree is best?

Bonsai in feng shui is divided into yin and yang and the five elements. Positive is the plants need more light. When planted in a humid place, lack of light, they will grow weakly, difficult to bear fruit and easily die. Negative are plants that can live well when placed or grown indoors or in low light. In general, the interaction between people and ornamental plants in architectural space is governed by the five-element properties of plants. The classification of feng shui bonsai according to the five elements is mainly based on its color.

How to choose suitable bonsai


Mainly plants with white leaves, flowers or stems such as: Prince Bach Ma, Orchid (Spider Tree), Ngoc Ngan (Golden Palace Tree), Orchid, Honeysuckle, Needle Money, Queen Betelnut Tree, Happiness Tree… Besides, you can also choose plants of the Earth element to create mutuality in feng shui.


Including green trees such as: Jade Tree, Van Nien Tung Tree (Tong La Han), Longevity Tree, Areca Tree Tieu Tram, Green King Betelnut Tree, Van Nien Thanh Tree, Ngu Gia Po Tree, Kim Ngan, Brown Stone Lotus… in addition, plants of the Water element can be planted to bring mutuality.


Most of the trees are white, gray, blue, and black such as: Money Tree, Tiger Tongue Tree, Ylang-Ylang Tree, Golden Palace Tree (Yellow Tree), Orchid Tree (Spider Wire) and other conifer lines. (such as Thuy Tung, Tung Bong Lai, Tung La Han)… The tree belonging to the Kim onion is also a support tree for the people of Thuy par. In addition, you can choose “aquatic plants” or plants of par Kim to support your destiny.


Including red, orange, pink trees such as: Honeysuckle, Golden Money Tree, Phu Quy Tree, Blood Dua Tree (Phu Du Slim), Red Banyan Tree, Van Loc Tree, Purple Peacock Tail, Trees Hong Mon, Quan Tu Orchid Tree, De Vuong Betelnut Tree, Loc Loc Tree, Bai Hong Cardamom Tree… in addition, you can plant trees of the Wood element to increase your fortune according to the five elements of mutual birth


Including plants with Yellow and Brown colors such as: Tiger Tongue Tree, Phalaenopsis Orchid, Van Nien Thanh Tree, Brown Stone Lotus (Chocolate Stone Lotus), Ngu Gia Po Tree, Betel Bark … or choose different types of soybeans. Born from the Fire element with colors  Red, Orange, Pink such as: Quan Tu Orchid, Maple Tree, Hong Mon Tree, Van Loc Tree, Red Banyan Tree…

The above are the plants that have been synthesized and researched by the Beautiful Tree from many different feng shui sources to synthesize a multi-dimensional article to help you have a more accurate view of the appropriate feng shui tree. fate. But in addition, there are many plants with stronger feng shui meanings than they can fit all of people’s destiny. Especially trees like: Honeysuckle (Helps to balance the harmony between feng shui elements bringing health – Prosperity – Wealth), Money Tree (Brings Money – Financial stability) , Phat Loc Tree (Luck – health and prosperity to help attract positive energy into your home)…”

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