Where should the Cactus be placed to bring good luck to the owner?

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The cactus with unique beauty and deep symbolic meaning is the choice of many young people to decorate their homes. However, this is not a plant that you can arbitrarily decorate anywhere you want because it can bring bad luck to your house.

Image: Where should the cactus be placed to bring luck to the owner?

So where to decorate the cactus in the living space to avoid bad luck and bring good luck into the house?

Learn more about the Cactus

The cactus – the son of the barren desert, is often known as a powerful plant and has an extremely intense vitality. No matter how harsh the living conditions, the tree still grows, grows and grows strangely. This is a soft-bodied tree, the outside is dry and thorny, but the inside is succulent and full of life. Cactus flowers are very beautiful. Although it rarely flowers, once it does, it makes people’s hearts flutter by its beauty.

More specifically, the tree also has a deep meaning when known as a symbol for the journey to conquer love. Also because of its strong nature, rising from the arid desert, Cactus symbolizes a faithful and beautiful love. That love silently and quietly overcomes all difficulties and challenges to bud and blossom to full happiness. Like cactus flowers rarely bloom, but when they bloom, they have strangely brilliant colors.

Hiểu hơn về cây Xương Rồng
Image: Understanding more about the Cactus

Because of such special things, Cactus is very loved by everyone and favorably placed in the space that they love. However, when decorating the Cactus, you also need to “headline” a few notes to avoid trouble and bring luck to the family.

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Where should the Cactus be placed to send off bad luck and bring good luck?

The cactus with strange beauty, different from the thorns often cause curiosity and people’s love for them. However, when you want to decorate your houseplant, you also need to have a few small notes to be able to make the most of its use.

The cactus with an upright, upward-facing trunk with sharp spikes pointing out in all directions. This image carries the meaning of strength and dispels murder. This is a highly aggressive plant. Therefore, if you put the tree in the right place, you can not only take advantage of this special ability of the Cactus to avoid bad luck coming to the door, but also bring good luck to your family.

Place the Cactus in front of the windowsill

Cactus left in the house for too long may lack vitality and not keep its inherent beautiful shape. Therefore, placing the plant on the window sill can help the plant to easily catch the rays of the sun and grow healthy. Then they can bring good vitality, help the family to be happy, complete, and have a lot of luck.

Đặt Xương Rồng trước bệ cửa sổ nhà bạn
Image: Place the Cactus in front of your windowsill

Place the tree in front of the door or balcony

Cactus is considered a plant that turns hung, so you can decorate and place it in front of your door or on your balcony. They will be like a god keeping the door to chase away evil spirits and bad luck, helping homeowners avoid disasters and diseases. Moreover, when the cactus blooms, it is also considered a good omen, signaling happiness and luck coming to your family.

Hoa xương rồng
Image: Cactus Flower

Put the Cactus in the bathroom

Unlike other rooms in the house, the bathroom is a place where many negative energies and negative energies accumulate. Therefore, placing a pot of cactus in the bathroom is both a tool to decorate the interior of your family bathroom more luxuriously, and has a high chemical effect, dissipating evil energies into the house and bringing good health. Good luck to the owner.

các mẫu xương rồng mini
Image: Put cactus in the bathroom

Place the Cactus in the Northwest direction

In feng shui, the northwest direction is considered a bad direction, bringing bad luck to the homeowner. Therefore, placing the tree in the Northwest direction can help you eliminate bad energies and bring peace to family members.

Đặt Xương rồng ở đâu để mang lại may mắn cho gia chủ
Image: Where to put the Cactus to bring luck to the owner

Above is the necessary information that we want to share with you about the question: A cactus plant can bring bad Feng Shui if placed in a wrong area. Where should I put the Cactus to avoid troubles and bring luck to the owner? Please continue to accompany us for more useful information for your home!


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